Rope Knotting Tool



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  • exsurgoTech

    Respectfully, there is a lot of info missing from this tutorial which is also not covered in the youtube video. 

    Setup 1 there is a contour pass. What are the specs for that and how is it done? What part of the geometry is selected? Is there an offset?

    Setup 2 says fillet the edges but provides no steps on how to create the mill op? is it 2D or 3D, a special fillet function? 

    Setup 3 says flip the model and mill the hat. How? 

    I know there is some learning curve here and I am just getting into my own test models after 6months of owning this machine and doing the demos following the gcode examples but it is time to do more complex options where I need to be able to replicate some of the tool changes and ops, flips etc and would love a bit of advanced support to do the work I need to do. Thanks for your help. 

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